No, my urine tastes better than yours. Hahahaha …


Although he is squeaking there, his body language is too rich, and he wants to express his meaning too clearly.
Finally, I turned and patted my ass, and compared it with two middle fingers, climbed over the roof and disappeared.
"Bastard! Asshole! Bastard! " Master Munuma was almost so angry that he closed his breath again to "piss me off!" This is outrageous! "
"It must be that bastard in Zhuangye who knows that I’m about to crack his brewing technology and sent this monkey to destroy and humiliate me!"
"It must be!"
"How can I let you succeed! You wait, I will make you cry! "
"Look, I smashed your big wine brand!"
"You don’t die a natural death! Don’t die! "
Wanwan got out of the hoarfrost winery and ran across the hillside to the small mountain brewery, crossed the manor trail and came to the palace.
Not far from Zhuang, he was watching. When he saw Yan Wan coming back, he quickly asked, "What’s up?"
"squeak!" Lian Lian-bi kept squeaking with pictures.
"You’re not really a monkey when you talk to people!" Zhuang slapped him not far away.
This guy is really funny.
"Squeak-no, ahem … there have been too many monkey performances recently." It suddenly dawned on me that I am not a monkey! "Anyway, he’s so angry that he’s screaming to smash the Dazhuang liquor brand."
"It’s good to make him angry." Zhuang grinned not far away and Simon was talking to the headquarters at the moment.
"They want to get their hands on wine? Be sure to buy Dazhuang Winery! "
"Also invest billions of euros? I see how you can expand to Lanxi after the fire in your backyard! "
"Attack is the best defense! I don’t care how much you spend, you must buy Dazhuang Winery! "
Angry, two major wine companies have reached a killing order for Dazhuang Winery.
The next morning, Simon and Miss Kimuma came to Dazhuang Winery and stopped them. They had just arrived at the factory gate.
"Mr. Qi, I bought all the shares of your Dazhuang winery for 300 million yuan!"
"I am 400 million!"
"500 million!"
I was so happy that I fainted.
God, I’m going to be rich!
Isn’t this happiness too sudden? What? Am I a great liar?
Chapter 6 Building the Future Together
In 2009, the winery in the courtyard of Dazhuang winery was packed with people, old and young, all looking around and waiting.
From time to time, news comes out, "Wow, 1.2 billion!"
"True or false, our winery was originally worth 1.2 billion?"
"No way. This dump?"
"It’s already 1.3 billion!"
"1.3 billion!"
"Darling! Great! "
"How much can you give us?"
"Will we split half ….."
"To you? Why? Is this factory yours? It would be nice to give you a bonus. "
"No, total qi is not so rude."
"Will there be more? 1.5 billion? "
In fact, the offer of 1.3 billion yuan has reached the psychological bottom line of Miss Kimuma.
Lu Xuan Tuan is not making wine. They are also the largest luxury league flag in Lanxi. There are more than a dozen famous luxury brands, each of which is richer than their frost winery.
The cash flow of Frost Winery is not so much at all.
In fact, her offer has already swollen her face.
Simon was relieved to see that Miss Kimuma’s expression finally softened.