Aubrey wore a dark blue striped suit and looked like an elite in the workplace. Huang Xuan greeted him when he returned to the stairs. "Is Mr. hi White’s road convenient?" Now it seems that he is not angry at all.


"There was a traffic jam for half an hour," Aubrey said with a happy face. "I hope I’m not late."
"Of course," Huang Xuan still shrugged. "It seems that you have good news?"
"Yes," Aubrey said, pulling out a stack of materials from his bag and putting them on the table. "This is our team. There are two targets you are going to buy. One is the American Pique warehouse company headquarters in Sao Paulo, and its business scope covers half of Brazil and its export industry to North America. The current market value is about 50,000 US dollars. The other is the Cabrera warehouse logistics company headquarters in Brasilia warehouse center in Sao Paulo. We are sure to buy it for 120,000 US dollars. This is the specific information of the two companies."
Huang Xuan looked at it at random. He was more interested in two types of warehouses. At the very least, he needed all kinds of warehouses and open spaces. On the contrary, Huang Xuan didn’t mean that he needed two days to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and would concentrate on a tool company.
After thinking about it, Huang Xuanhe said, "Mr. White, I am not very interested in managing the company, so which of the two companies will operate more stably, I mean stable structure, stable income, stable development and stable industry."
"Mr. Cabrera Company" Aubrey once again pulled out a piece of information. "His current business situation is weaker than Pique, but he is stronger in terms of stable returns by focusing on Brazil and having many stable customers."
"But I’m not satisfied with its business scope." According to Huang Xuan’s idea, he prefers to have a professional warehouse. The more types of warehouses, the better. A large part of Cabres’ fixed assets come from logistics. Huang Xuan said slowly, "I’m used to leaving professional problems to professionals. So, Mr. White, do you think I can split Cabres into two companies and then sell one of them?"
"Of course." Aubrey was a little surprised that merger, acquisition, split-up and sale were old tricks of fortune. It was precisely because of this that the financial consortium still kept drooling and did it over and over again, and Solomon naturally did such things.
Nodded, Huang Xuan pulled out the information of Pique company and looked at it. "Are you sure to buy this company with a market value of 50,000?"
Aubrey sat straight. "We can buy 51% of Pique Company for $20,000."
It sounds good, but Huang Xuan is not a glutton for urine. He needs a warehouse company of his own, which can clear the place when he comes home from different places at any time. After reading Huang Xuan, he conveniently lost Pique’s company information, got up and went to the living room drawer and took out a signed agreement that had been prepared long ago. He said, "This is an entrustment agreement for me to find a lawyer. I hope to buy Cabrera and entrust Citigroup Global Finance Company. Mr. White hopes that we will have a good time."
"No problem." Aubrey was nervous and took over the agreement from Huang Xuan. "Mr. Huang Xuan, aren’t you going to know more about this company? For example, its shareholders, its specific business scope and assets and liabilities. "
"This is your job, I’m I’syurs." Huang Xuan said this with some harsh words. He got up and said, "Mr. Aubrey is 120 thousand dollars." Then he said to Li Qingdao, "Qingge, please send a Mr. White."
"Please" Li Qing came quickly. Aubrey still left with an incredible expression. Perhaps he has never determined a merger plan so simply in his career. Even a billionaire will not decide the ownership of $120,000 in ten minutes. Maybe the other party is a rich man. Aubrey can comfort himself like this.
After seeing Aubrey off, Huang Xuan told Li Qing not to disturb himself, locked the door and went directly to the time base. He decided to increase the number of hours he spent studying languages every day, and he would spend more time studying Portuguese and English. His heart was very blank. Whether his mother sent him to Brazil or Huang Youwei was indifferent was the reason for his lack of ability. If he could help his mother, he would not come to Brazil. If he had enough experience, Huang Youwei would not dare to cheat strangers.
The first step in his choice was language.
For a week in a row, Huang Xuan spent most of every day in the base for continuous learning. In terms of future technology, there is an obvious advantage. Lorraine helped Huang Xuangen not to encounter such things as fatigue or bottlenecks, and he would not have difficulty in learning three languages at the same time. The energy-rich base is like a facility with a city and a number of research achievements. The Guardian Pavilion encourages Huang Xuan to be eager to learn and promises to ensure quality and quantity.
The tutor is said to be a lady who works as a translator. The Brazilian who is often late likes Huang Xuan’s disappearance. Huang Xuan, his tutor, disappeared in this small villa with tacit understanding in a few days.
Chapter 56 Management (3)
On the second Sunday in June, the sun was full of heat, and the sea seemed to be drunk with the breath of tropical paradise. The cheeks were shining with warm orange sunshine.
This day is Huang Xuan’s birthday, the first birthday in Brazil.
At the age of 16, he is no longer a teenager. Huang Xuan has been waiting for this day for a long time, but he didn’t expect his first birthday after leaving his mother to come so early.
Huang Qunsheng booked two rooms at COPACABANA Beach Castle Hotel, and took Huang Xuanfei to Rio Geru two days before the experiment.
Zhang Xinyi has been waiting for a videophone for a long time, and Huang Xuanfu spent the whole weekend together.
Eating Dad’s barbecue Huang Xuan suddenly felt like crying.
Rio Geru Beach is still very lively at night. Not far away, you can hear the enthusiasm of the passengers. Brazilian girls are quite S-shaped and shuttle through the bonfire. There is a small barbecue stall for Huang Xuan, which is a bit deserted.
Swallow the last piece of cake into your mouth. Huang Xuan suddenly said a string of Portuguese next to his words. Zhang Xinyi looked at him with surprise and said, "What do you mean by learning well?"
Huang Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said it again in Greek. Huang Mu couldn’t help laughing.
Huang Qunsheng was also attracted by Huang Xuan’s jabber and sat down beside the words. Huang Xuan said in English, "A lot has happened to mom recently. I think I can do more than just study."
Both parents are very clear about Huang Xuan’s English level. Although the words are simple, Zhang Xinyi is still excited to hear that he can express himself so fluently in English. She feels that maybe it is family changes that have prompted lazy children to work hard, and she feels a little distressed at the thought that it may be hard.
Yellow mother slowly tone way "very tired recently? What do you want to do? Tell it to mom? "
I glanced at my father Huang Xuan and said in English, "I want to try to manage Shengfeng Company myself."
Huang Qunsheng looked at her son in amazement and China Zhang Xinyi froze, but she didn’t immediately reject Huang Xuan’s whimsy, but judo "Why do you want to manage Shengfeng Company by yourself?"
"I can try it for me." Huang Xuan looked firm.
Zhang Xinyi has to admit that his son has really grown up. He knows what he needs and how to do it in order to get family recognition and make Huang Jiashu more free, but this is not a simple proposition, not only involving the management of 100 million US dollars.
Every child in the Huang family will get a bank card of their own when they are born, learn to manage their own money and encourage them to choose different financial management methods. They will share part of the profits of the Huang family fund when they grow up, but for most children, it may be difficult for them to get a position in the family business until they get married.
Under normal circumstances, a Huang Jiasun should first manage himself or his family property-that is, he or she can formally enter the family management only after the peripheral enterprises of the family have the ability of family recognition, and this system has brought two problems.
The first family with no own assets or a small scale will not have the conditions to practice for their children. Then, except for the excellent younger brother who enters the society through study and is recognized by the family, the remaining families will be farther and farther away from the family interest center. Secondly, to ensure that his grandson has the opportunity to enter the family, every family member will set up his own business as much as possible, and some problems will arise when the interests of the family enterprises and individual enterprises conflict.
If Huang Xuan manages Shengfeng Company by himself, will it give people such a signal that Sanfang hopes to get more profits?
Professional habits made Zhang Xinyi think deeply. Huang Qun Sheng simply asked, "Where do you sometimes manage the company, Huang Xuan?"? How old are you this year? What about learning? "
Huang Xuanbo said, "Since the only thing I can do now is to learn a foreign language, I have already completed the situation and can’t manage the company."
Actually, Huang’s father and mother had no expectations for Huang Xuan’s academic performance for a long time. Of course, grades can’t represent everything. They tried their best to create better conditions for Huang Xuan to broaden his horizons and exercise his ability. After this was sent to Brazil, the situation of language barrier was even more confirmed. Huang Xuan actually stopped studying in similar countries. However, no one expected that Huang Xuan would have a future base around him to let a Portuguese guy who had never been exposed to Portuguese talk normally in just two weeks.
The picture was slightly delayed. Huang Mu thought for a long time before saying, "Xuaner Management Company doesn’t just want foreign languages. Why do you suddenly want to manage Shengfeng Company?"
"I want to try." Huang Xuan knew that it would be impossible to manage himself after serious talks with his mother, but after all, it was his own mother. He seriously said, "I think I can manage it well."
Yellow mother smiled. "How do you know you can mind your own business? That’s not only hundreds of thousands of hectares of land, but also hundreds of employees. "
"Anyway, you don’t care about it now. Let me try it." Huang Xuan changed his expression at this moment and tasted a little coquetry.
Huang Qunsheng then roasted a few strings of meat and handed them to Huang Xuan. "Xuaner, do you really want to manage Shengfeng Company?"
"Well" Huang Xuan nodded heavily.
"Then what is not Xihuang Industry but Shengfeng Company?" Compared with Shengfeng, this big farm, Xihuang is more in line with the condition of learning management.
Huang Xuan took the kebab and said, "I think Shengfeng is more suitable for me"
Huang Qunsheng smiled at the screen and said, "Let’s try it."
In the family meeting, if Huang Fu really makes a decision, Huang Mu rarely objects to Zhang Xinyi’s slight frown and says, "I’ll give it to you first, but don’t delay your study, okay?"
God knows what Huang Xuan can learn now. If it weren’t for Lorraine, he would still be learning letters painfully.
Later, Huang Xuanfu finally enjoyed the barbecue, while Huang Mu prepared a lot of food and chatted with them while watching movies, but she never forgot to tell Huang Xuan to dress and eat to the management company as if she could not finish talking.
Chapter 57 Management (4)