The power of grassland aristocrats has increased, but the level of literacy has decreased. It has long been commonplace to attack each other. It is a little picky and trivial, and there are many people who are swaying.


It’s getting dark.
The warlock department of the Northern Han Dynasty, including important people in Zong Ze, has arranged for the star soldiers to protect them from direct threats, but no one knows whether there is one.
Many people beat fewer people, and sometimes people still have to rely on luck.
In the dark night, the soldiers of the Northern Han Dynasty are still moving.
At the same time, there is also Cheng Wenzheng’s brigade. He has long been interested in returning. Now he has received Cheng Jinzhou’s information, but it is not at all.
Nearly 30,000 soldiers fought hard for at least one time in the four-month period, so the intensity of the war has long exceeded the endurance of the soldiers. It would have been possible if the adults in the town had not personally mutinied the bring up the rear cavalry.
Seeing that it is impossible to attack Han Jing alone, Cheng Wenzheng will not stubbornly take revenge on this.
And grassland Kong Wei’s patience seems to be reaching its zenith, especially when the star power is restored, he simply and neatly said to Cheng Jinzhou, "If you don’t, I will attack alone."
Hui Ren is definitely going to see Cheng Jinzhou with him.
Lv Xu muttered to sit cross-legged and let several people have the same height.
"Can’t wait until the day? The army will arrive soon. "Cheng Jinzhou’s tone is polite. The person crossing the border is an ordinary person. It is not easy to determine the exact position of his hand detector. The best way is to completely annihilate the bottom army or slowly detect it after catching the prisoners.
Kong Wei frowned and said, "The three of us are enough."
"It will be dangerous."
Cheng Jinzhou’s so-called danger is the danger of those who cross the border, but the two of them are worried about star soldiers.
Hui Renren hesitated, "Mr. Cheng, if there is no other reason, it would be better to attack now. If some star soldiers can defend the four-level star warlock in the Northern Han Dynasty, they can stop the star warlock in Xingzhou."
His tone proudly seems to be really sure.
Cheng Jinzhou’s face turned cold, holding the detector in his hand and thinking about his idea.
He doesn’t want to fall short.
At the last moment before Li, Kong Wei said, "Get ready to go out. I can’t wait that long for my injury."
Hui Ren tidied up Yi Kongwei’s left arm wound and helped him tightly. The weak old man was actually very strong day by day, waiting without painkillers and carrying it without saying a word.
Cheng Jinzhou saw the dense bones and felt that he really had no position against Nai’s arrest of the koala on the shoulder and stuffed it into his chest belt. At the same time, he stuffed the detector into his chest to catch it.
If the array is broken, it will depend on it to find the position of the cross-border person.
Kong Wei looked back and Lu Xu threw all the food from the height, so he judged that everyone was ready.
"Follow us to kill a third-class star warlock in the first wave." Kong Wei squinted and finally took out the imposing manner.
Four people roared forward.
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Attack
There are two third-class star warlocks and four low-level star warlocks in the Northern Han Dynasty. From the total number, we can see that they are short of one star warlock. The small team is not so short, not to mention the summer, but also the girder and Jingnan.
The Zongze Belt is a vast hunting team, and the main star warrior high-killing team wants to dispose of the invading army in the summer at one time, which should be protected by more star warlocks.
Cheng Jinzhou tried his best to open his eyes and climb with Kong Wei.
Dive is a classic tactic of tactical bombing, but it has too many advantages. Suddenness is one.
It was not until 2 kilometers that three talents flew in the right direction.
Unlike the Star Warfare, which is to face the Star Warfare, their first goal is to land or catch the opponent’s third-level Star Warfare and dive for 2 kilometers, which can make the best aircraft in World War II fall apart.
Star warlocks are fierce at first, which shows that because the defensive area is very small, it is necessary to gather enough reverse force to offset the impact of dive on the body. Cheng Jinzhou’s block is extremely hard, and the two of them are comfortable.
However, in judging distance and speed, Cheng Jinzhou is the best of the three. After the training of the primary mental arithmetic course, his mental arithmetic ability is extremely high, which is regarded as advanced algebra.
The most famous expert in mental arithmetic in history is Euler. In the last 17 years of his life, Euler was an unemployed worker, and his study of calculus was the most difficult at that time. This can reflect the intelligence gap. Most people in the world-about 599.99 billion people out of 600 million-have worked out a difficult advanced mathematics problem. 99% mathematicians also need tools to perform operations, and the only thing Euler can do is mental arithmetic. Even if he records numbers on paper, he can see them.
In those 17 years, his works were still not inferior to those of experts and professors.
Cheng Jinzhou doesn’t know what Euler did in those days, but the textbooks from the Star Alliance really have the ability to do mental calculations. Cheng Jinzhou is truly equipped with the fighting capacity that meets the requirements of astrologers.
In other words, the mental arithmetic course has improved his intelligence level, so that he can cross the threshold of the top astrologer.
During the dive, the excitement of Lu Xu gradually surpassed that of Kong Wei. His greatest hobby is violence. Even if the four-level star array is engraved, it is still more violent.
Cheng Jinzhou claims to be a pacifist. Only by secretly complaining can he realize the cannon fodder in his heart.
Three men charged and a thousand men formed a team, and everyone was cannon fodder.
A sharp whistle sounded 5 meters above the ground.
"They don’t care." Kong Wei is determined to kill a third-level star warlock, but it doesn’t have to be in the process of diving. Considering the reality, the success rate of the fourth-level star warlock’s fight against the third-level star warlock is not high. It is always impossible to prevent everyone from saving their lives.
Cheng Jinzhou is cruel to think that I didn’t cheat sheet. What’s the big deal about the battlefield?
Go in one ear and go out in the other, counter-attack at sixes and sevens, and the body suddenly gained weight. At one time, he felt the fluctuation of the star line, and the soldiers’ different ways of releasing the star array were different.
Cheng Jinzhou couldn’t help but think of how stupid I am to be so stupid that I can’t take a cheat sheet on the battlefield.
On second thought, he continued to worry that something will work out in the end, and maybe he would see a classmate who brought a cheat sheet and could lend it to me.
Then he looked around to find a position that was neither dangerous nor promising.
Where is there such a place on the battlefield?
Lu Xu roared 5 meters from the ground and attacked himself.
Cheng Jinzhou hesitated slightly without making the second wave.
The second wave is very lethal to the human body. The killing tools are all good in shape, but it consumes a lot of energy. Of course, Americans say that the second wave is inhuman.
The third-level star warlock in the Northern Han Dynasty also dived along the corner of the dark clouds.
Kong Weiwei snorted, "I knew what you wanted to do."
He ignored each other and killed all the way to the ground.
There are star fighters all over the ground, and he just hangs around at high speed. It turns out that he eats these star fighters hard. He has excellent vision in light and star array judgment, and the speed of diving is simply not pulled up, and it is getting lower and lower.
Hui Renren can’t do this kind of dodge, but his temperature star array can distort the periphery of his body, just like people feel angry when they look at the flame. If you add a low speed in this way, he can fly with ease and occasionally kill some star fighters.
Yu Cheng-Lu combined the four-level star array, although one-on-one is definitely a master, but in the face of two three-level star warlocks flying in from time to time, dangerous things are gradually stretched.
In a moment, he changed from the first cannon fodder to the third cannon fodder as he wished.
"Shielding" Cheng Jinzhou mouth denounced but knew in his heart that two four-level star warlocks were waiting for the best opportunity.
Because of shielding the nearby star line, the other side has no star power, so the four of them have no star array, and if the four-level star warlock has no star array, even ordinary bows and arrows can shoot them.
The most perfect shielding way is to know the situation of the other party’s link star line, so as to choose that you can link and the other party can’t.
However, there are thousands of soldiers in the Northern Han Dynasty. Although their star link is far from being an astrologer, there is a characteristic of star soldiers. They link the star line as if they were lucky for a generation. The only star line that can be linked is not necessarily the first ring or the second ring. It may be the third ring or even the fourth ring.