Several people came to see the regicide on the ground and looked at each other, because this change is not small.


Regicide … More than half an arm.
Holding the handle tightly with that hand, you can still see how strong it was when you held the knife, even though it has completely lost its spirituality and vitality after years. It must be that the muscles bulged and the veins stood out.
"Living without kowtowing" took out an instrument to sample the broken arm and quickly got the result. "It’s the secret blood warrior lineage. Yes, I’m familiar with it after the breath was restored. It’s mostly part of Brother Lu."
"This is too bad, isn’t it? Is the whole person blown up?"
The sailor girl felt goose bumps when she looked at the scene
Wang Tiezhu is already searching around "Let’s find out if there are any pieces of his body here and see if we can put them together."
When his supporters heard this, they quickly acted to see if there were any parts of Lu Chen’s body here.
"Living without kowtowing" looked at the broken blade in situ thoughtfully, and he felt that some places didn’t make sense.
Because if the situation on the ground tells the end of big brother Lu, the world will change so frequently, which is also inconsistent with his previous guess.
Chapter nine hundred and seventeen Bearing crystalline mineral deposits
Bury the gods through the calendar.
The vision is vast and dark, and it is illuminated by the red light when the secret blood fighters are running.
It’s a deep-sea cave, but the walls are not wet at all, but very dry
The cave is very wide. If it is circular, the diameter of the cave is 300 meters, and some places are more than 100 meters.
It’s more like visiting an ancient temple than entering an underground cave. It’s a strange shape without decoration.
"Teacher Chen didn’t see that you were so murderous before."
Take the first half of Liu Chen Liu Qingqingkou way
"What’s the need for me to keep my hand when the other side is obviously hostile? They won’t stop fighting at this time."
Lu Chen said that he never knew when the virgin knew when to do it.
Moreover, after entering the grotto, his sense of immediacy became stronger, like there was something familiar to him waiting for him in front.
Chances are always to win people in the back, unless they are like painting pears, they can eat ash.
"It’s good that we underestimated you. Before we recognized that your external practice was a third-rate martial arts practice, it was not long before you converted to martial arts. I always felt that you had to be less experienced by the senior sister, and I would let you go to cheat people if this happened again."
Liu Qingqing said with a smile that before she went out, she had heard about it, and Lu Chen remembered it in her heart. After all, strictly speaking, everyone in Gefeng was related by relatives and friends.
Defending one’s faults is always consistent with her external execution, and it is definitely necessary to take care of her more, which is still different from his younger brother and younger sister.
There are countless bifurcated roads where the Wushenshan team passes through the grottoes, and the people gradually divide with the progress.
This kind of local exploration will be too inefficient if it keeps holding a group, and it will be faster to disperse exploration after losing its first-Mover advantage to a certain extent.
Although the cave bends around the branches like a maze, for this level of practitioners, the mental pendulum has an outstanding memory and is not too worried about getting lost.
Besides, the stone wall of the cave is not as strong as the outside, and my brother can penetrate it with some strength.
Brother Wu Shenshan are short-tempered, and they tend to walk in a straight line if they are too lazy to detour.
Liu Chen is cared for by Liu Qingqing, and the five-person action with her is a special treatment.
Although Liu Qingqing’s brain was straight, the murder of Jiruohai and Jiang Kui passed away, but she still caught the knowledge that they had killed Liu Chen’s heart and let Liu Chen rest assured with her.
"Elder martial sister has something."
A male brother named Xue Jiang returned from the left cave to report.
Liu Qingqing nodded and went to the cave on the left.
I saw a small piece of latosolic red metal in the stone wall, about the length of my thumb, like some kind of weapon fragment.