This conversation between the two did not deliberately suppress their voices. The Tiantai Dandao masters also heard clearly!


There is no doubt that the most famous among the three people, Gu Qing, Tian Yu Xie and Niansheng, is the first master of the Magic Way for a hundred years, and the second time, Tian Yu Xie, is a new talent to compete with the five major doors of Middle-earth, one to dazzle Yang Tianzong and the death to dazzle Yang Tianzong.
On the one hand, Yu Niansheng became famous so quickly because he was taught by a sword Sect, and the most important thing is that he defeated the rain evil and created an era that belongs to him.
Yan Guqing’s challenge to rain and evil immediately caused an uproar. Ask the experts of Tianjiantai Dandao to talk about it for a while.
"It rains evil to challenge GuQing again? Isn’t her strength ancient? "
"Not necessarily. Just now, the two of them asked Tian Jiantai about the instant fight. We also saw that Gu Qing had a little advantage!"
"GuQing occupied the advantage? How is it possible that the two of us can practice alchemy with Dan Dao seven times? You can see it, but I can’t? "
"What do you think it’s raining evil that an decisive character if it weren’t for not sure to deal with the ancient green and shall suddenly fall into a confrontation after fighting? In my opinion, Gu Qing’s strength is even better than that of not being promoted to Shinto before. Otherwise, how can he kill the master of Shinto realm in Xuanyang Tianzong? "
"This … seems to have some truth …"
Asking heavenly sword that it rains evil is simply ignoring Taidan Taoist master’s talk about Gu Qing’s challenge. After that, she directly said, "I hope you will abide by this statement." After that, the shares that have been locked in Gu Qing’s murder are suddenly disappearing, and the whole person suddenly becomes a flash of light and goes directly to the periphery of Sword Sect. Blinking has disappeared at the end of everyone’s sight!
Seeing this scene, the heavenly sword peak belongs to an elder of the Sword Sect, and the empty Yang look immediately sounds to Wan Jiantao, saying, "Brother Zhang … I think it’s raining evil, the devil wears a sword, and the devil wears a sword. Nine times out of ten, I also want to rely on the moment when I beat my opponent to be poor and confident to stabilize my spiritual world, so as to lead LeiJie to impact the devil wears a shinto eye, and when the two magical powers of the pure Yang Taoist body are nine times heavy, I have been able to compete with the people in Shinto kill and kill the jade, and even to stimulate the artifact power. Triple master also can’t hold him. If she is promoted to Shinto realm, it will be a while before she is afraid of another day. Mo Wen-level characters’ eyes are hard to appear. We belong to the sword clan. Do you think … "
"I can’t be alone in the rain, but everyone knows that if she leaves us and belongs to a sword Sect, something will happen to her and she will be killed by a sword Sect Shinto master. Will the whole’ Juque’ Sect of cultivating immortals look at us?"
"Brother, I mean that we inspire the power of the mirror of heaven to lock her breath … the world-famous killer organization-the deep and remote moon dynasty has three star-destroying ambassadors who are’ lava stars’. We need to pay some magic jade and clues to let them make moves … no one can find out that we belong to a sword clan …"
Wan Jiantao frowned slightly. "Teacher Xu Yang, what are you talking about? We belong to a sword sect. We have created a glorious world for nearly 100,000 years. The sword tactic refers to not suppressing the quartet, and I have never seen any challenges from local ministers." Will you be afraid of a mere practitioner of Dan Dao and Nine Heavens, or will such despicable means kill you? I’ll find a way to deal with the devil, rain evil. What you said needs to be done again! "
"It’s …"
Elders Xu Yang lightly sighed and shook his head. "We belong to the power of a sword Sect, even if it is a force to compete with the whole’ Que’ cultivation world, but it is not far away. If we use some means to unite Lian Heng from the major doors, we can divide and conquer all the clans in one fell swoop. In this way, we will destroy the biggest threat, refine the soul, subdue the magic Sect, and unify the’ Que’ cultivation world. Isn’t it an easy thing to have so many troubles? If we belong to the sword clan, we can use more high-tech means to cultivate immortals now’ Jueque’. It is long since we belong to the sword clan. In those days, we will not be framed by others. The strength of the clan clan collapsed and was driven out of the rich and prosperous Zhong Ling in the ancient world … "
Hesitated for a moment, his eyes finally emerged a faint and fierce mans "Let the tiger go back to the mountain and suffer from poverty … Master Zhang and others have cultivated the Tian Datong sword tactic. They must be upright and upright, and they have the opportunity to cultivate this magical power to the highest level, but I didn’t …"
At this moment, his heart seemed to have a firm determination.
Gu Qing doesn’t want to stay with Yi Jianzong after it rains and evil leaves!
He used to be able to control this star as soon as possible during the "Jueque" period of refining the stars. With the help of all kinds of incredible abilities of this star, he came to watch the current competition because he learned of the accident of the evil competition. Naturally, he has to close again and adjust his state to ensure that he can win a big victory in the battle one year later, ending the blood-weeping bracelet of the phoenix and causing resentment!
"I’m afraid I’ll attend your birthday party. I should immediately close for a year and prepare for the competition!"
Nian Sheng understands and nodded. "I, a friend of Bai Guqing Taoist, believe that you have the ability to look at the’ Jueque’. No one in the realm of cultivating immortals is your opponent. Rain evil is no exception that day. I believe that after a year, you will be able to defeat the evil of rain and let the world know that you are the first person in the realm of real Dan Tao!"
"I’m not sure if I want to win her because the strength of the evil rain is not weak!"
"Ha ha, Gu Qing Daoyou is modest. I have never seen your true strength clearly. Compared with the evil weather, I have a strong support behind the sword Sect. But Gu Qing Daoyou have nothing but offended Xuanyang Tianzong, who was chased by Xuanyang Tianzong, and still has such achievements. From this point of view, you are much stronger than me."
Guqing shook his head.
He is telling the truth!
His attack means are limited to the instant killing of stars and the array of ten-sided silent swords, but the array of ten-sided silent swords can not deal with a heavy master of leisurely Shinto. However, it is not too difficult to defeat the evil of rain and rain with this magical power, and the taiji monism has just been cultivated and failed to give full play to its essence. If one aspect of Lifa breaks through the charge this year, it will be able to maintain an invincible situation by relying on the five elements of reincarnation.
"Star forging swordsmanship is ultimately a forging sword, and the avatar’s auxiliary main attack power depends on the strength of the forging sword and the traction of the stars. Unless I can forge a strong degree comparable to the fairy star saber’s display, the attack can go to the unfavorable person to block the killing Buddha or further refine 10,000 golden swords, Wan Jian and Qi Fei to form a sword array to trap and kill each other, so that it can be avoided, retreated and retreated, even if he can resist one or two golden swords, the attack will break, but the superposition of ten thousand golden swords’ strength is a virtual shock, such as the vertical and horizontal tearing of terrorist firm but gentle.
Guqing heart to himself.
Ten thousand golden swords is equivalent to offering ten thousand stars. Unless he can be promoted to Shinto realm, one star a day will be offered. At present, Dan Dao’s nine-fold speed may not be able to offer so many golden swords successfully even if he runs out of Shou Yuan!
"Niansheng, you have just been promoted to Shinto. You should have a solid foundation. Go back for a while. I’ll leave first!"
"So I won’t stay for a year. After that, I will go to the broken mountain to watch this peerless battle!"
GuQing nodded directly jump up and turn the light to his previous closed direction …
He has thoroughly sacrificed Fiona Fang for thousands of miles, which is the starting point for expanding the territory and starting to control the "Giant Que" of the stars!
The third volume The stars gather together. Back to the one hundred and ninety-fourth crazy growth
The star "Giant Que", a seventh-order star, has officially left the ranks of medium-sized stars. It is rare to become a star in the world. There are some ways to understand that the earth creatures have all kinds of incredible powers!
It seems very simple to look like Guqing’s closed Mangshan Mountain, but in the center of this mountain range, Fiona Fang, thousands of miles away, a vein spirit was born. It’s not easy for this vein spirit to have a certain intelligence, so it’s not easy to sacrifice it at a stroke!
Of course, the benefits after the completion of the sacrifice are also obvious!
This kind of pulse spirit is condensed from the pulse gas of Fiona Fang in millions of miles, which is equivalent to the great power of the mountain god’s land in his own territory. If some more powerful spirits can use the power of the stars "Jueque" to have the terrible ability to counter Shinto!
Like Dihuang Ridge, the five sects in Middle-earth, they suppress the fate of Zongmen, which is a vast and majestic mountain. The whole Long Mai of Long Mai almost controls the core of the "Great Que". If the gas in Middle-earth is drawn out, even those super-strong people who are four-fold enlightened by Shinto should avoid the power and ferocity, which is even stronger than that of Xuanyang Tianzong.
The only fly in the ointment is that before Long Mai’s thorough sacrifice was completed, France moved to Dihuang Ridge, and with the strength of Long Mai, the whole clan was impregnable, but France moved to the other clan like Xuanyang Tianzong, giving the other clan a fatal blow.
At the moment, the spiritual will of the great Mangshan Mountain is constantly extending to the ground. After the sacrifice of Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of land, he has come into contact with this part of the vein spirit. As the spiritual will continues to extend, he immediately perceives the strong will of this mountain range!
"After refining this pulse spirit, the base will be able to control this Fiona Fang million miles. For the energy star Xuangeng, it may be nothing, but for the life star’ Jueque’, it already has a great degree that I can control the power change of this star to a certain extent!"
Star power has a lot of refined areas, and it can be used in various ways. What is effective for the current work is gravity manipulation!
Millions of Fiona Fang stars are enough to make his opponent’s gravity rise dozens of times and hundreds of times in an instant!