But now there is only Lin Ying. After the last days, Lin Ying called everyone in the address book, and no one answered except Dad.


Lin Ying knew that they were mostly run.
Lin Ying held up his beer and paused at Qingmuyang, then took a mouthful of cold beer and slid down his throat, which was more spicy and delicious than picking up a piece of meat.
Lin Ying jilted to jilt head not to think about him but concentrate on eating hot pot.
In this way, Lin Ying and Qing Muyang ate a mouthful of meat and wine.
But when Lin Ying and Qing Muyang were eating high, there was a sudden noise outside the canteen, followed by zombie howling and human exclamations.
Lin Ying and Qing Muyang still drink and eat meat without moving.
But the black cat ran out after hearing the noise.
A moment later the black cat came back with the news.
There are two groups of people outside the canteen. There are probably more than 20 people struggling to cut down zombies and rushed towards the canteen.
There are not many zombies outside the canteen. These two groups quickly wiped out the zombies and rushed into the canteen.
Get information Lin Ying instantly figured something out.
Should be their temporary warehouse there make noise too general zombies to attract away after these people took the opportunity to come to the canteen to find food.
However, they should not have thought that they had got there first.
Lin Ying got up and took some food and beer out of the warehouse and locked the warehouse door.
Lin Ying ignored those people who were still eating hot pot. Qing Muyang still simply ate meat and drank as if nothing had happened outside.
A moment later, the zombie howling outside ended.
Then a noise came from outside.
"D finally got it. I’m exhausted. I want to eat meat instead of meat. I don’t have any strength to kill zombies. I can’t kill them."
"I always want to drink. I haven’t drunk since the end of the world. I always want to drink enough today."
"I’m tired of eating human flesh these days and I always want to change my taste."
"Cut the second cannon and see what kind of ghost you have become by eating human flesh?"
"Ah, it hurts, it hurts."
"Ha ha, Create, what’s wrong with you? You’re in a happy mood today, so you can be a full fool before you die."
Lin Ying learned through a black cat that a group of people were coming towards the sale.
There is a small door in the sales and canteen hall, and there is a drainage pool next to the small door. Here is the tableware recycling. The staff of local mean time canteen recycled the tableware here, washed it, sold it and sent it to cooking and then put it in the disinfection cabinet.
And the direction of that group of people is that small door.
Ask for recommendation and collection
Chapter 24 A hot pot triggers a battle
Blocking sales and cooking boards suddenly flew out.
"Hey!" As soon as Lin Ying stretched out her foot, she kicked the chopping board flying out.
A group of people appeared for sale.
There are about a dozen people. The first one is a tall, thin and flat-headed young man with a face and a fire axe in his hand and a lot of black blood.
Next to him is a short, fat, bald, middle-aged man. This fat Lin Ying seems to be a car owner.
Lin Ying looked over the crowd and stared at a tall young man wearing a windbreaker and a hood with yellow hair.
Half mourning! There are half mourners in this group.