Yes, the child’s talent is really high, but if he taught himself, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have made such progress so soon


Is there really a master in the palace?
He thought of that mysterious smell that came from nowhere just now.
Hu Lu pushed Ping An to the stage today. In the future, Ping An can play a role in supervising the country when he is outside.
If she is big princess, maybe people will. What if she is a powerful practitioner?
Peace is the best choice without being too stable or sensible before the emperor.
Of course, she is also a mascot, and the adults who really work are Xiao Xiang and tea.
When they have digested and absorbed enough Hu Lu, they will take out Linggenbao mirror, and the benefits of rain and dew will be greatly released.
This treasure mirror has been in the military camp in the suburbs of Beijing recently, and it has just been brought back by Dafang Xiao Fang and hearts.
Today, Hu Lu is going to test the spiritual roots for the ministers of the Hall of Two Instruments and the royal family. He said that this method and spiritual roots are important. "If you have spiritual roots, you can cultivate immortality. If you don’t have spiritual roots, you can hope for a generation."
Hu Gaishou’s royal relatives and Kun’s courtiers almost jumped up with excitement. This is to give them a great opportunity!
However, the rules are similar to those in the military camp. It is still that Hu Lu and the detector add a block to make them unable to see their spiritual root attributes, while Hu Lu is next to the red peach and they will record it.
Hu Lu said to Xiao Shen, "My father should follow you and my uncles."
Xiao Shen did his part, even Hu Lu’s brothers and uncles were fine with it.
To Hu Lu’s surprise, Xiao Shen should have a spiritual root or a dual-attribute spiritual root. Such a high-quality condition did not succeed in refining gas at first. It can be seen that refining gas is really not that simple. It is not necessary to have a spiritual root, or even a good spiritual root.
After Xiao Shen, Xiao Jiahu and a nephew of Xiao family were tested in turn, and the proportion was not low. Xiao Qi Xiao and that nephew both had spiritual roots.
Then three thousand also carried out the test with great luck. Unfortunately, like Linglong, it doesn’t have spiritual roots, and I don’t know how to say it when I step on seven stars.
Hu Lu points to whoever comes to test, and he doesn’t know the result, and he is more and more afraid of the emperor.
Finally arrived at Wang Hu Gai, who couldn’t wait long ago.
After the test, he cocked his head and asked, "Brother, can you tell me the result?"
Hu Lujia’s barrier is mainly to ensure that his rule is stable. If any prince, especially his own brother, learns that his spiritual roots are outstanding, it will not be beautiful to think that he can take the place of his ass.
It’s not that they are afraid of the success of their rebellion, but that Hu Lu doesn’t want to be notorious for killing his brother. None of the brothers who died had anything to do with him.
The first emperor had it, but now there are only 2467 left, which coincides with his song Counting Ducks.
The two kings are now in Qilu, where they haven’t seen anyone all the year round. Even though the seven kings have always been in poor health, married with children is here tonight
Hu Bi, the four kings, and Hu Che, the seven kings, have all been tested, and none of them have spiritual roots. Looking at the grown-up king, Hu Lu is lucky. It is a five-attribute waste of spiritual roots, a little waste of resources, and there is hope for refining gas.
Hu Lu said directly, "Just now, I like to give Zhuanggu Dan a set of training methods. After I go back, I hope you and my royal family will add another valiant soldier!"
Chapter 133 Be an official or cultivate immortality?
"What is Brother Zhuang Gu Dan and what is the achievement method?" Hu Gai excited way
"Strong bone Dan is the three foundations of the elixir, which is known as the fix true person. Dan I can make your bones stronger. Brother, there are not many goods here. If it weren’t for your just program, I would be very happy. Even if your talent is high, you wouldn’t want to dig a grain of Dan out of my hand."
Hu Gai’s face turned red, and he was so excited that the king was gifted. Absolutely! I knew it!
Yu Gongfa will prepare for Hu Lu later, and give Hu Gai the book "Protecting the Mind" obtained from the rich dignitaries. Although this skill is the weakest in Ding Zhong’s skill, there are few practitioners and few things, which fully reflects Hu Lu’s photos of his brothers.
After a while, it was Kun’s turn to talk to Hu Gai, but he heard the report and got an elixir and a set of techniques directly. Maybe he can really become immortal in the future, so he should be ok, right?
However, Hu Lu shook his head regretfully after the test. Kun didn’t have the spirit root to think that it would be difficult to find this kind of honest and upright minister in the next few hundred years. Hu Lu couldn’t help but feel a burst of melancholy.
"Aiqing, take this pulp washing Dan."
"I love you very much!" Kun was grateful but waited for a long time without waiting for the achievement method.
Is there no achievement method?
Hu Lu saw that he did not move and bluntly said, "Ai Qing, you don’t have spiritual roots and practice by natural methods. However, this Dan medicine can still make you less ill and less ill, healthy and healthy, and it is not a problem to live a few more years. It is also a friendship between you and me."
As soon as Kun’s eyes became red, he thought that the emperor would not have himself for the rest of his life after decades. He felt that his whole life had become gloomy, so what’s the point of living by himself?
After Kun Xiao Suo left, Hu Gai immediately leaned in and said, "My Lord, you can’t cultivate immortality. It’s better to sell this Dan medicine to Wang Ru."
Just now, he ran to Lin Xiaotian’s side to inquire about what is the three basics of the fix true person. Lin Xiaotian was very polite and didn’t get angry.
Then Hu Gai heard that Kun got a pulp-washing pill that was different from himself and immediately wrapped it up.
Kun shook his head. "I dare not trade."
"You can’t even practice this elixir and give you white blindness." Hu Gai was indignant. "So how can you tell the king the number?"
Kun still refuses to be famous. Will the ruling and opposition adults be short of money to prevent the sovereign from pestering Kun to directly swallow the pulp-washing Dan on the spot and drop it in the bag, and then ~
Then Hu Gai covered his nose. "You stink!"
Lin Xiaotian walked over and explained, "It’s normal to wash pulp Dan, which can eliminate body impurities and toxins. The more impurities, the heavier the smell. This smell is really ruling."
Kun has caused public outrage because he stinks too much. He simply resigned and said, "Then go back first and leave!"
He glanced at Jin Yuzhu again before he left.
As soon as Kun left, Hu Gai looked at the nine xiunv again. Their performance just won the praise of his brother, and maybe they will also get the elixir award.
In a short time, Hu Lu tested the nine girls, and it was a pity that none of them had spiritual roots, but the promised rewards could not be less.
"You don’t have spiritual roots to practice, but life is not about practicing immortality. I allow you to live your own lives when you go home."
"I’m not leaving!"
"I’m not leaving either!"