"Always come to save you, you unlucky ghost." The young man floated from the middle of the class and saw Hou Wenwu for a while, but laughed. "Bai Jun is a fool who doesn’t know much about his head."


Hou Wenwu has always been a typical genius in his life, and there has never been a genius who has surpassed himself in his world. It is the first time that he has been treated as an ignorant fool.
In prison, he doesn’t care about young people, but he still whispers, "You are also an astrologer to save me."
"So you are an idiot." The young man said with a smile, "What makes a group of people a wide range of astrologers? The reason why you are imprisoned is that you dare to fight against our astrologers, even your master dare not do so."
Hou Wenwu’s Lord is the emperor of the dynasty. If he had been sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued at ordinary times, he would have been indifferent to it now. He said in a very low voice, "The court’s righteous act is unforgettable."
"The star warlock apprentice outside is dizzy by me. He doesn’t choke like a dead eunuch. Now people hate eunuchs the most." The young man looked at Hou Wenwu with great interest. "I owe someone a favor. Now you can give it back to him."
Hou Wenwu thanked her face again, but she couldn’t hide her smile.
"Remember to be careful when dealing with the astrologer" said the young man, and a shot of light from his right hand hit Hou Wenwu’s neck, which suddenly collapsed to the ground.
Before he landed on his head, the star warlock went straight to the party commander and fished it up.
Long candlelight, this is actually a second-class star warlock Tang Wen
Cheng Jinzhou, on the third floor of the Star Warlock Association, severely cut the face of Tang Wenxing warlock in front of a group of star warlocks, which made him lift his head for a long time and then met him. Although he was smiling, he was still embarrassed.
Tang Wen really doesn’t mind contributing to something that can both return the favor and make Cheng Jinzhou nerve-racking.
Several star warlock apprentices as guards have no effect on the second-class star warlock. He flew low and carried Hou Wenwu in one hand, and arrived at a secluded coast in about three to five minutes.
A small black seagoing ship looms in the waves.
Shang Wenfei near gently cough a Hou Wenwu lost in.
Inside, one person said rudely, "Thank you for your help."
Tang Wen flew away without saying a word
Early the next morning, it was sunny and sunny.
When Cheng Jinzhou learned that Hou Wenwu had run away, his face was not exposed at all, although it was different.
Because sitting in front of him is Father Li Zhong.
After a long preparation, the temple headquarters finally came up with a plan. Li Zhong naturally came to the door for the first time.
Temples and Astrologers Association seem to be in harmony, but Father Li Zhong has never set foot on the outer peninsula. It has been more than 20 years since Father Xia Jing Temples came here.
Several astrologer apprentices couldn’t hear where they were talking, but they finally paid attention to Father Li Zhong.
Father Li Zhong gently pushed a piece of paper to Cheng Jinzhou’s eyes, and the front of the paper was written with three words, big and small.
Cheng Jinzhou’s eyelids jumped. Templar priests and priests are lifelong occupations, and there are not many positions that can be appointed.
"Mr. Cheng, the star warlock always prepared this gift after careful consideration." Li Zhong made a gesture of invitation
Light paper is likely to surpass the influence of the Golden Temple, although it is weaker than the Astrologers Association and the government, but their number is relatively small, and it is also able to determine the trend of profit in the summer. If the organization is bent on profit, just the word "Wei Wei" will probably be like a palm fat.
Cheng Jinzhou did not turn over.
For altruism, there are no definite goals and thoughts. What’s worse, an Feng Xing warlock is kind enough to pre-empt him. Zhan Yan laughs. "For me, Father Li Zhong is pursuing this goal all his life, and although I am very grateful to the temple for stabbing the star array, for …"
"Mr. Cheng" Li Zhong didn’t want Cheng Jinzhou to finish his sentence and immediately interrupted him. "This commission will definitely not affect your pursuit of mathematics and physics. On the contrary, it will greatly help you concentrate on studying mathematics and physics. In addition, only the holy temple can help you play it perfectly."
Cheng Jinzhou opposing shook his head.
To tell the truth, he doesn’t want to offend anyone, but it’s the second time that he can get better treatment and conditions.
Father Li Zhong maintained a well-meaning smile. "You should take a look at what position we gave you."
Cheng Jinzhou leng a embarrassed to put the commission hand.
If a group of companies are scrambling to get him to join Cheng Fu and Cheng Mu in the 21st century, they will be extremely interested in the present, and even he himself shows a lack of interest.
At first glance, I saw that the word "sacrifice" was written in bronzing font.
Cheng Jinzhou’s heart said, "How can I make sacrifices?"
"Sacrifice is mainly about the knowledge preparation of Gao Shengtang, who is backward in education. In other words, you can study mathematical knowledge with peace of mind …"
Although it is Cheng Jinzhou’s excuse to study mathematical science, it seems that the only thing that can make him stand up after coming to this world for so long is really mathematical knowledge. Jinzhou really wants to do some research seriously, just like parents expect.
Father Li Zhong looked at Leijiacha etc. His face was overweight again. He said, "Sin Chew Star Warlock Headquarters has sent someone to Daxia. After investigation, it is very likely that you will be appointed as the Apostle of the Temple Daxia. Once you succeed, you will be free to use Daxia resources at will."
Li Zhong, the "God’s Visitor", affirmed that "the people sent by Sin Chew Temple need to confirm the stability of your star line, which proves your devotion to the star god. Of course, you’d better communicate with more celestial bodies during this period."
A very stable star line theory may be to connect Li Zhong by chance. Although he has tested his own star array once, Sin Chew Temple is obviously more cautious.
Cheng Jinzhou is still hesitant. Guest 1 suddenly jumped out and asked, "How powerful is your temple in the world?"
"Not bad" Cheng Jinzhou hid in Li Zhong’s sight and turned around and moved his lips.
"How much is good?"
"About one fifth of my country"
"country?" Guest 1 was stunned and replied, "The backward areas promised to come."
Cheng Jinzhou said differently, "Promise what?"
"Becoming an Apostle" guest 1 undoubtedly said, "Isn’t it the biggest thing you can do with the Star Alliance to make a regional resource at will?"
"But his invitation is to sacrifice the apostles or to draw cakes to satisfy hunger. I don’t know how far it is from Xingzhou to summer. It is always normal to walk somewhere in the far west for two or three years."
"No matter what their conditions are, I can help you achieve the problem of timeliness. I have seen you make airships, and they will speak quickly."
Cheng Jinzhou frowned. "Have you been spying on me?"
"Don’t ask such childish questions and promise him" is rarely harsh.
Cheng Jinzhou micro-lips said, "I promised an Feng Xing warlock."
"Did he give you any benefits?"
"There may be …"
"Holding hands is your own promise to him."
"Not all paintings are cakes" Cheng Jinzhou talks about reality but is quite a letter-maker. There is nothing to lose for him except that he just promised An Fengxing warlock and then went back on his word.
Pseudo-thoughtfully for a moment, Cheng Jinzhou looked at his life again and again and said, "Mr. Li Zhong, I decided to accept this life."