Cheng Yun ‘an, an unqualified official, left all his talents to poetry and fu, and such occasions are often his most popular time.


Without the imperial examination, the officialdom of civil servants is struggling. In many cases, they are also talented in poetry and fu. Other colleagues prefer to be able to recite poems by themselves. The ability to manage and solve problems for people is often not their heart.
After drinking three rounds and singing poems twice, Wu from Dali Temple laughed. "I received a good news to tell Brother Cheng today."
"Oh?" Cheng Yunan was in good spirits and gulped down the glass of wine. "It’s the best news that a few people can reinstate an official."
"You’re welcome, bro." Wu is a little older than Cheng Yunan, smoothing his sparse Nuts. "The capital has specially come to the information official department to ask you to report back to Beijing together."
"debriefing?" Cheng Yunan unconsciously repeated that officialdom people are sensitive to the word reporting on work, but it is normal for the official department to report on work, but there are good things and no bad things.
"Congratulations," several of them walked over to fuels. They are all most civil servants in Beijing who can smile relatively on weekdays. Today, it is very rugged to smile.
"Thank you, thank you," Cheng Yunan asked with a strong smile. "Cheng was hard to get away, but he didn’t expect to have the opportunity to report to Beijing again."
When Wu turned to toast him, he said in his ear, "We have also touched your light this time."
"Me?" Cheng Yunan was appalled.
Seeing that his expression is not like that of the pseudo-Wu State, he picked up a hip flask and poured wine for two people. "I heard that when we go back, the Star Warlock Association can help us make room for the airship to go directly to Beijing."
No matter when the Great Xia Dynasty was a blimp, how many dignitaries never did it? Cheng Yunan couldn’t help saying, "It’s such a long way from Shaonan to Beijing …"
"It seems that Cheng Laodi really didn’t know that you have a good son. I’m waiting for envy. After I don’t come, I’ll ask you to take care of me a lot." Wu said, raising a glass together.
Cheng Yunan wait for a while drank the wine in the cup and asked, "What happened in Jinzhou?"
Wu secretive depress blunt way "the other day I heard that the star array is carved, it seems that it won’t be long before the Cheng family will have a first-class star warlock and two-star warlock and …"
Cheng Yunan cried some was stuck his sources than the capital to civilian.
Wu deliberately wooed and continued to pour wine. "I received some wind department to come out to be a master. Brother has a great chance."
"How is it possible?"
"What is impossible?"
"Central positions have never been given to local families."
Wu shook his head and raised his glass. "After all, we all help each other."
A group of people raised their glasses and drank so much that there was no need to make a toast. They were the most.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Hundreds of huge sums of money
A day later, Qinyu Firm once again saw the generosity of the astrologer.
Cheng Jinzhou’s goods and materials were sold by the inkstone in the early days to avoid the serious price fluctuation in the capital, and went to Huangjin County Trading Company for hundreds of miles to sell them in silver for more than 10 thousand yuan.
Now, when Jinzhou took out the department to buy materials again, the amount was so huge that Qinyu Business almost couldn’t eat it.
Just like the consortium of later generations, even if the assets exceed 100 billion, it is rare to get 100 million dollars in cash without going through financial institutions, and most rich people in the Xia Dynasty will realize their main assets in land.
Landlords with thousands of property can catch one or two in every state and county, but rich people with a price of 100 thousand and two often have commercially developed prescriptions
Looking at the detailed list of hands, Qin An was speechless at the moment.
Cotton, hemp, wood and other common materials are ordinary tin ingots and mica, which has made him a little confused. Ginger, chrysanthemum, and these medicinal materials are even more strange. Especially, the unit makes the astrologers used to tons of conversion, which makes Qin An even more surprised. If he didn’t know that the other party was a astrologer, he would almost want to rebel in Jinzhou if it weren’t for the outer peninsula.
This order is so huge that even if it can be deployed, I’m afraid it will greatly affect other businesses in the firm, so Qin An has to whisper, "Mr. Cheng, if this order can be given to the bank for one year, it will be beautiful and the price will drop by 30%."
It’s not that the risk is too great. Qin An definitely doesn’t want to offend the star warlock, especially Cheng Jinzhou, a promising star warlock. In the business story, there are countless cases in which a star warlock has gained special respect and risen rapidly. Where can he not know?
Cheng Jinzhou was disappointed and shook his head gently. For him, he chose the list on the one hand because the price was gratifying, and on the other hand, he naturally wanted to do quick import and export transactions.
To develop well, astrologers need talent first and money second.
He is weak, but he can improve his knowledge of mathematics through all kinds of advanced food, and the bottleneck is not lacking, but he has fallen, such as making money.
Of course, grain, cloth and basic materials are sure to make a steady profit, but the number is also very scary, and the transaction speed will be slower and slower. There are 250,000 tons of grain for a large military transport ship, which is barely enough. If it is in accordance with the port standards of China in the Republic of China, it is not surprising that the civilian worker should carry his hands and pick up the loading and unloading for two or three months at a time. Even if the truck is loaded with three cars and runs once, it is difficult to get this kind of transportation force. It may be nothing for Jinzhou with a ring, but it is almost impossible for major businesses. When things happen,
What’s more, the transaction volume in Jinzhou is getting bigger every time, and the amount of cloth grain has already had a huge impact on the prices of the two.