Intelligent zombie see Lin Ying recovered so quickly face expression also behaved very surprised.


He didn’t expect Lin Ying to be so close to him, and this mental shock could get up so quickly.
E zombie face flashed a panic when Lin Ying was holding double knives.
The intelligent zombie’s ability to launch himself is not without cost, but even worse, his ability to launch after he is injured.
He is very weak at this time.
"Boom, poof, hiss, roar, roar."
Intelligent zombie mouth finally issued a series of roar like a signal.
Speed zombies and strength zombies immediately rushed at the intelligent zombies when they heard the roar.
Zombies in the building gave a roar when they heard the roar, and frantically pulled the building wall to climb.
Seeing all the zombies react, Lin Ying Avenue "Stop them and let me kill this intelligent zombie. If you want to kill him, the corpse group will be the leader."
Green MuYang and hao yang heard Lin Ying roar both let out a roar and tried their best to stop the zombies in front of them from moving closer to the intelligent zombies.
They have seen that Lin Ying poses a serious threat to intelligent zombies. When they want to win a little more for Lin Ying, Lin Ying will be able to slay intelligent zombies.
Power zombies and speed zombies were stopped and panicked. They immediately screamed and constantly impacted the two of them trying to break through their way.
Lin Ying and hao yang naturally won’t do as they wish, and they have also used their own Juexue to stop them.
Green MuYang looked at rushed to his zombie eyes flashed a tree and then around the circle suddenly dispersed in shape.
Because of the disappearance of the circle, the speed of the zombie shot more than doubled, and it rushed to the front of Qingmuyang in a moment.
But at this time, Qing Muyang’s eyes were not afraid at all. He waved a machete in his hand and cut it into a flying zombie.
The sudden disappearance of the circle interference made the speed zombie unprepared, and the reaction came straight into the green Muyang machete. If the speed zombie doesn’t die, it is also a serious injury.
But at this time speed zombie let out a scream and then the body flashed a green light.
Then Qing Muyang was surprised to find that the speed of zombies was fast enough to appear around the intelligent zombies like teleportation.
His knife was cut, of course.
"I’m afraid this speed is too fast for him, isn’t it?" The speed zombie movement directly scared Qing Muyang. "If he had attacked me at this speed before, I wouldn’t have died?"
However, the speed zombie just nearly teleported, and the speed seemed to be his ability. After he launched it once, it seemed unusually sluggish.
Intelligent zombies see speed zombies to your side and immediately let out a growl like urging strength zombies.
Power zombie also issued a responsive roar towards intelligent zombies.
But hao yang heard Lin Ying shout and immediately launched his strongest sword to greet the powerful zombies.
The sound of a metal, China, etc
Power-type corpse sends out sparks, but he keeps growling and continues to walk forward against hao yang’s attack.
At this time, Qing Muyang chased the speed zombie to Lin Ying’s side.
Two people meet at the same time launched a fairy sword toward the intelligent and speed type two zombies launched a fierce attack.
And because of the green MuYang array to join two zombies situation becomes extremely difficult.
The two men cooperated with each other to launch the Jade Palace Goddess Sword, leaving several blood stains on the two bodies in an instant.
If it weren’t for the speed zombie force to protect E, the zombie attack would have been dead.
Two zombies constantly retreat and issued a deep roar.
At this time, the powerful zombie broke through the hao yang attack and came to the front of the intelligent zombie.
Suddenly strength zombie block a lot of attacks.
Lin Ying’s three people attacked the dead body of the power type, but there was no effect except splashing a piece of Mars.
At this time, the intelligent zombie jumped like a sigh of relief, and then let out a scream on the back of the speed zombie
Speed zombies will immediately intelligent zombies back back a run-up jumped toward the next to the roof.
"Stop them, stop them, don’t let them run away." Lin Ying roared immediately when he saw the speed zombie move.
But at this time, the intelligent zombie gave a scream, and the powerful zombie instantly stopped Lin Ying in front of them, and then his body gave a scratching sound
Suddenly, the whole body of a zombie with strength suddenly doubled.
"This is his ability to be crazy, so be careful." Lin Ying immediately woke up with Qing Muyang and hao yang to let them pay attention to each other’s ability
Power zombies launched their own ability, and then the body forcefully stopped Lin Ying three people and launched an attack on them.
Lin Ying three people were stopped to watch the speed zombies and intelligent zombies disappear together in the building next to them.
Lin Ying scolded a woman.she "I almost killed that intelligent zombie, but it’s not easy to kill him once I met him."
Intelligent zombie ability is to control zombies, and their fighting capacity is also the worst among all zombies.
Lin Ying has hurt his neck when he played against him just now. Without his zombie intervention, Lin Ying will be beheaded with information.
However, because the speed zombie rescued the intelligent zombie and the strength zombie blocked it, the intelligent zombie escaped smoothly.
Lin Ying, a runaway zombie, felt uncomfortable, so he decided to leave this powerful zombie for him to make up for his losses.
So Lin Ying said to Qing Muyang and Yang Haodao, "You two pin him down and I’ll find a way to break his defense."
This time, Lin Ying didn’t bring heavy weapons into town to break this powerful zombie defense.
However, Lin Ying believes that there must be flaws in his body. If you work hard, you will be able to find them.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 56 Lightning rod through the ear
Green MuYang and hao yang heard Lin Ying shout immediately a onslaught to hold the power zombies.
While Lin Ying drifted aside.
The skin of the fourth-order zombie is so thick that it is difficult to break his defense without rocket launchers or cannons.
However, Lin Ying believes that there is no absolute defense in the sky. If you want to find your own heart, you will find a flaw in the strength zombie.
So Lin Ying kept wandering around the powerful zombie, observing his every move and trying to find out his flaw.
However, by observing Lin Ying, it is found that the defense of the powerful zombie has reached a shocking level, and the attacks of Qing Muyang and hao yang can’t afford to him.
Two people’s weapons to cut the dead body with strength have no effect except a little light.
And he defends one position, no matter which part he hits, the result is the same.
"Don’t really have a bazooka or artillery to break his defense? If that’s the case, there’s no way to keep him today. "Looking at the power-type funeral body, the slip-away fire and the forest shadow are somewhat frustrated and desperate