She wants to turn around and leave. Anyway, grandma’s love is auspicious.


However, Xiao Taihou stopped her, "Where is the essence of autumn trousers? Come and let Ai Jia have a look."
Hu Xian reluctantly walked over and reluctantly called "Grandmother Huang".
Xiao Taihou touched Hu Xian’s head and groped her face with both hands. "I haven’t seen Xiao Liu for almost a month, and I almost forgot what you look like."
"Grandmother, do you remember now?"
"Looks like your mother when I was a child. It’s almost right. Come here one day. Grandmother has something to ask you for help." Xiao Taihou actually held Hu Xian’s leg, but she had never been treated.
"What is it?"
Xiao Taihou blushed a little. "I have an appointment with Taifei Xu and several landlords, and they will warm up the room then. Will you help grandma?"
"Well," Hu Xian seems to be used to this kind of thing. She has done a lot of work. "I want to see my brother early."
"Brother? What brother? "
"It’s Sister Bai’s younger brother." Hu Xiandao
"What? !” Xiao Taihou up holding Hu Xian asked "white ineffective pregnant? I don’t know! "
"I also heard from my mother and Linglong’s mother." Hu Xian directly sold Wan Linglong Miao tea.
Xiao Taihou excitedly picked up Hu Xian and almost jumped up. God bless himself, the original female draft plan was indeed flawed. You can’t both be girls, can you? The royal family will finally have a queen!
White is not working. It feels beautiful to return to her Fengyi Palace. She has a much better attitude towards herself after she is pregnant. If only she were really pregnant, it would have to be windy and rainy.
Just thinking about meowing outside.
White is ineffective in pushing the window. At first glance, it turns out that it is a member of her own animal management bureau. The general "Cat Dabai" is responsible for helping her manage the royal cats in the palace.
Dabai looks pregnant with a big belly, and even a cat is very angry when she is pregnant.
However, the same hairy creature is still a female white, and it is still very caring for it. The stall hand has an extra piece of chicken white and immediately jumps in.
Although it’s not a species, it’s no problem to communicate with these animals simply. You can trust her with Dumb and Agua.
The next morning, she was asleep and suddenly "Oh!"
Open your eyes and see Xiao Taihou Wan Linglong Xiao Guoer’s big faces gather together in front of you.
Behind the three people, there are Miao tea and Yu Yu, and several princesses also looked at her curiously.
Xiao Taihou took the lead in staring at her abdomen and asked, "Bai Meiren heard that you have been vomiting and sleepy recently?"
White is not working. Look at Wan Linglong’s mouth fast enough, or just admit it.
"Yes, mother," White nodded and acted while clutching his chest.
Xiao Taihou took the white hand affectionately. "Why didn’t you say so earlier!"
"I, I ate a bad belly myself."
"You’re waiting for Aigu to send someone to invite Chunyu Qian. People will come soon." Although Xiao Taihou has believed most of it, she still has to cure too much before she can be sure.
It’s good to turn your eyes around like you’re pregnant. How disappointed they will be if the doctor says he’s not pregnant after the examination. You have to do something for yourself.
After a while, Chunyu Qian came over and said to Xiao Taihou, "Mother, can you go out? So many people will be nervous at home, and their heartbeat will be chaotic."
Now Xiao Taihou is bidding for this goblin, taking his daughter-in-law and granddaughters out of the room.
It’s hard to get it, but it’s also difficult for Chun Yuqian. "Old doctor, after all, men and women don’t give and receive, can you not touch me when you feel the pulse?"
Chunyu Qian had a headache. "Empress, I can be your grandfather at my age."
I am old enough to be your grandmother!
"Anyway, the palace won’t let his man touch me ~" White is ineffective to go back to bed and put a curtain to show that he doesn’t cooperate.
However, Chunyu Qian’s superb medical skills are not difficult for him. "Ok, fortunately, the old lady can hang on to her pulse with silver thread."