The staff officers immediately integrated all kinds of information to analyze and discuss the war plan, and so on, and were not in the mood to pay attention to the war in the theater of No.5 base.


That is, when they were discussing, the news from the Battle Mark Canyon Theater Command of the worse gate made them all stunned on the spot.
"What?" Davis’s tone was shocked. "Let General Ji Xinghe stop making remote sensing driving support the No.5 base war zone?"
"Yes," said a famous staff officer at the headquarters in a cold tone. "We always recognize that the Imperial Institute launched a counterattack at this time because they recognized that General Ji Xinghe went to the No.5 base theater and wanted General Ji Xinghe to stop supporting the No.5 base theater, and the imperial counterattack would stop with it."
Davis was angry and smiled, but his eyes became more and more angry. He looked at the screen and the Lieutenant Colonel took a deep breath.
"who gave that ord?"
"I told you that our general staff"
"I know that a general staff is also called the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It seems that you are not qualified to be elected as much as me."
"What’s the problem with the General Staff of War Mark Canyon Theater Command?"
"No problem, but if you care about the war mark, the canyon war zone and the western war zone, there will be a big problem."
Davis’s tit-for-tat attitude made the staff in charge of informing this decision-making school very dissatisfied, but as the saying goes, it is not acceptable to be outside the king’s life
The binding force of the Nantianmen War Mark Canyon Command on Davis is not high enough at this moment.
Although he and Davis are both the same school staff, there is a great gap in their positions.
He is the school staff officer and Davis is the school chief of staff.
Moreover, Davis can be awarded the rank of general for his achievements in recovering the 144 th outpost, but he can be the school staff for a long time
Thinking about Ken Tevez, the staff of this famous school explained it.
"We are not sure to hold on to the newly recovered lost land. According to the feedback information from the reconnaissance satellite, the imperial troops this time are about 300,000, that is, the size of three regiments. We hope to delay the imperial attack in this way, giving us more time to occupy the defense line and build defensive fortifications. Only in this way can we continue to recover the lost land, that is, to break through the western defense line of the Imperial War Mark Canyon and destroy the transition base of the Imperial War Mark Canyon."
The headquarters school staff paused for a moment to digest his words for the people at the ground headquarters and then continued to speak.
"Although it is very important compared with the No.5 base, even without the long-range support of General Ji Xinghe, they have a great chance to hold the imperial attack. From a strategic perspective, we have every reason to let General Ji Xinghe stop supporting the No.5 base or … actively expose him to make remote sensing driving technology remotely operate the stars and the moon."
Davis kept silent when the other party spoke, and when the other party finally stopped, he immediately asked back.
"That’s it?"
"Davis school, are you going to disobey orders?"
"I’m not trying to disobey orders. I’m surprised if General Ji Xinghe’s support is not so important to the No.5 base war zone. What do you believe is that the empire is fighting back this time because they think General Ji Xinghe has gone to the No.5 base war zone?"
"General Ji Xinghe’s combat effectiveness is very important, but when the remote sensing exercise has a delay of 15 seconds, it is better to let General Ji Xinghe drive the moon and the moon remotely than to let a super-class mecha drive the moon and Davis. We are not going to stop supporting the theater of the No.5 base, but there is a better choice."
"Better choice?"
Davis glanced at the screen next to it. It was the information about the war situation in the theater of No.5 base.
It’s a little long when he talks nonsense with each other, and it’s also a little long for the moon and the stars.
"Seventy-nine fifteen-minute Ji Xinghe generals made you say that the backward remote operation technology broke 79 imperial mecha in fifteen minutes. Can you tell me which special mecha in the Federation can guarantee that he can do this when driving the moon and the moon?"
Facing Davis, questioning the headquarters was right.
If they knew the truth, it would be easy to answer this question, not to mention super-class mecha. Even if Ji Rong Xinyue drove the moon and the moon, he could break 79 imperial mecha in 15 minutes.
But besides Ji Xinghe and Ji Rong Xinyue, who else in the Federation can drive the stars and the moon?
Li Han, who has always been regarded as the strongest disciple of Ji Xinghe?
Although he is the ace, he is really strong, and he is the most complicated and closest to Ji Xinghe’s grandfather and grandson, but he wanted to kill him before Xingyue.
If Li Han can’t do it, no one can.
"No.5 base war zone will select suitable mecha to drive the moon. The third generation of the moon is very powerful. Even if it takes less than 15 minutes to break 79 imperial mecha, it can also help No.5 base war zone win the defensive battle. Davis, please contact the front line immediately …"
"Not connected"
It’s not Davis’s refusal, but Liu Mian, who kept silent all the time. When he spoke, he walked beside Davis and looked at the communication screen.
Davis also cooperated very much to make a person forget that he had several disputes with Liu Mian before.
"I’m Liu Mian, the staff of the Independent Regiment. I have been granted this by Major General Ji Xinghe, the head of our regiment. On behalf of our regiment, we, the Independent Regiment, refused to carry out this order from your War Mark Canyon Command."
Liu Mian’s expression is cold and his tone is like mechanical synthesis.
He looked at the screen school staff as if he were looking at Ken Tevez behind the staff of this famous school.
Without waiting for the other party to react, he directly predicted all possible reactions of the other party and gave a tough rejection.